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Spectrum has earned a reputation for providing excellent contractor referrals, home and business services, merchant services and travel deals. Work with our qualified contractors for roofing, attic insulation, windows, landscaping, siding and remodeling services that current customers have come to rely on. We help cut the costs with cell phone providers, merchant services, credit card processing and of course travel deals. Get cheap airline tickets, vacation packages, cheap airfare for all around cheap vacations!


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Contractor Referrals

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The process of finding the right contractor can be tedious, time-consuming and frustrating. Researching individual, often unqualified contractors online can lead to you hiring someone with less-than-satisfactory credentials.


Home & Business Services

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The monthly costs of your home and cell phone bill, cable bill, satellite TV, security system and more can really add up. With Spectrum, we can help you cut the costs of your bills and help you keep the same services at the same time!


Credit Card Processing

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Take your business to the next level with our merchant services. We have payment and credit card processing that will help you grow with your customers. Increase your profits with our very low costs. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity.


Travel Deals

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Want to get away from the stresses of your life and take the vacation of your dreams? We have many options for you with 5 star resorts all around the world! From flights to cruises, we will find you the vacation you have always wanted!


Personal Concierge

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Daily errands can bring unnecessary stresses into your life. Instead of running around wasting your time, let us help you tackle those day to day tasks. Learn more about how we can assist you from grocery shopping to bank drop offs and more!


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